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The story of EllaOne, the Movement for Life, and air horns

A Czech who fights in the ranks of the Ukrainian army wrote us this message. I'm not going to list here how much the piss is boiling inside us. To the point.


I immediately ordered 30 pills for about 15,000 CZK. They can be taken up to five days after the rape. We'll have them tomorrow morning, and we're already working out when and where to deliver them.


It's fucked up, but these drugs will continue to be needed in the liberated territories.


That's why we're asking for more money specifically for this. Our transparent account: 2002142415/2010


The mayor of Kiev has already asked international organizations for these medicines and they are on their way. However, given the scale of the atrocities, the more channels that get it directly to the newly liberated villages, the better.

Message translation: "Hey, a friend from the militia just texted me that villages liberated from the orcs need ASAP as many abortion pills as possible, I don't want to write details, it's making me sick. So, I'm writing to everybody engaged if they could help."


The Movement for Life in turn told us that we should rather buy air horns

"Is this what functional help looks like? An 'after pill' for raped Ukrainian women? We really wonder how this will prevent further rapes. The real cure for any woman who has experienced rape is not a pill, but quality psychological help. And above all, prevention so that rape doesn't happen in the first place. Why don't the Czechs contribute instead to the purchase of air horns, pepper spray or electric stun guns? Postinor, etc., will not protect any woman from rape and especially the associated trauma."

Thanks to you, we raised over two million CZK for the "help after" almost overnight. We bought EllaOne with it and sent one million CZK to Ukraine for psychological help.

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