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Ambulance for orthopedic institute
in Kharkiv

Status from 11 April 2022:

Our friends Roman & Ruslan from Kharkiv have asked us for an ambulance for their orthopedic institute, as they don't have one and moving patients from pavilion to pavilion and to and from other hospitals is a problem.

So Jára Špaček asked the Methodists, congregations all over Europe and in the US raised money and bought a beautiful ambulance, named Servatius by the Methodists.


But the Methodists are, so to speak, divine, and so they bought us medical supplies for 140k and paid another invoice for 40k for supplies directly for the Kharkiv Orthopedic Institute. Thanks again to the EUC Foundation for their helpful price!


If you would like to contribute to our aid to Ukraine, we would be very happy to do so, as the Kyselac account is drying up somewhat... Our transparent account is 2002142415/2010 and for donations we give love.


Glor to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!


The first photo shows an ambulance of the orthopedic institute in Kharkiv. The second one shows the great ambulance in the name of Servatius. Thanks again and again and again to the Methodist Evangelical Church! Let the ambulance serve!

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